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An easier way of connecting to your customers

Get More Customers With Less Work

Our new Wi-Fi marketing solution is the easy and effective marketing tool your business needs.


How it Works


Connect Your Router

Power up your CONNECT router, then connect your existing router or modem.


Offer Free Wifi

Give your customers free internet access in exchange for their social media sign-in or contact infomation.


Collect Your Data

As customers use your free wifi access, watch your lists grow. Grow your rewards program, email lists, or social media channels automatically.

Everything you need for
successful Wi-Fi marketing

✔ Time Marketing Messages

Connect to your guests with automated marketing messages that bring customers back.

✔ Grow Your Marketing Lists

Put marketing lists on auto-pilot with Facebook data, email and phone numbers from opt-in engagement.

✔ Grow Your Social Media

Redirect your customers to social media pages, website, or other promotional content for engagement optimization.


 (Coming Soon) WiFi Connect Rewards

 The fastest way to grow your business

Email marketing, text message marketing, and social media strategies is a smart way to engage customers and grow your business. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new Wi-Fi marketing solution. Automate your marketing with Wi-Fi marketing. Wi-Fi Marketing can help you drive more customers to your door with a powerful, yet easy-to-use marketing tool that’s affordable for your business. 


Push Surveys

Push out Customer Satisfaction surveys to customers after a recent visit.


Inform Patrons

Notify customers of value added services such as delivery or special offers.


Suggest Offerings

Suggest customer offerings and special deals on slow nights.


Encourage Reviews

Encourage customer reviews on sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, or Google!

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