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Do It For Me Services

Online marketing services created for the busy business owner

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Why Do It For Me?

Because we come from restaurants and know very well that owners are busy! Engaging with current customers while at the same time consistently reaching out to find new customers takes a lot of time and effort. Time that they don’t have and effort that they need to spend elsewhere.

We created our do-it-for-me marketing services so that they can focus on running their business while we focus on getting people in their door. 


Review Response

Retaining customers by showing appreciation for their feedback

Responding to reviews shows that patrons are appreciated and that the restaurant owner is ready and willing to provide them with the best service possible. Ordereze will give them back their voice, without taking their time.

Social Posting

Maintaining online presence and keeping customers constantly updated

Social Posting gives the gift of time. Ordereze will create engaging and creative posts to keep in front of patrons. Restaurant owners can be as hands on or hands off with the content as they’d like without sacrificing any other areas of their business. We'll post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google!

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Email Marketing

Building customer loyalty by keeping in touch via email

Through building an email list, regular patrons will keep coming back for more, all while encouraging new people to check out the restaurant at the same time! Ordereze will create brand-specific graphics and flyers to be sent to patrons to make sure the restaurant never falls victim to out of sight, out of mind.

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