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Online Ordering PRO

The only online ordering service that showcases your customer and their brand.

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Includes Menu Distribution Technology


Already a Singleplatform Customer?


We will discount your monthly online ordering fee the equivilant of what your paying, and integrate your online ordering with your Singleplatform account free of charge!

A Fully-Customized Online Ordering System for Restaurants

Put a menu in everyone's hands and give them the opportunity to order at their convenience.


Completely Customizable

Customers never have to deviate from their branding. Online Ordering PRO allows for complete customization and a variety of menu layouts to fit their restaurant's look & feel.


Easy to Edit

Quickly change menu items, highlight todays specials and more, by using our quick and easy drag-and-drop edit system.


Real Time Analytics

Detailed analytics of sales, delivery zones and customer trends to see immediate ROI and help with customer's marketing efforts.

Customizable Branding

Custom Menu Coloring

Your customer worked hard to create a website that captures the look and feel of what their restaurant is all about; so why would their online ordering service have to look any different?

Online Ordering PRO offers customizable options that will match their website’s color scheme, and create a flow that never deviates from their brand.


Custom Page Layouts

We offer a variety of layouts to customize the online ordering experience for customers. The addition of dividers to separate sections of a menu allows for easy navigation. Photos can be easily added for that visual touch to help customers decide what to order.

Easiest menu editing software on the market

Drag and drop menu items, daily specials, and entire menu departments.

Does your customer want a fresh look to their menu this month? Or to display their specials before their everyday appetizers? No problem!

Each item and department listed on their menu can be rearranged to their liking with a simple drag and drop.


Change prices, settings, add-on’s and availability inside of 60 seconds.

Gone are the days of waiting for an online ordering provider to make changes  – which can take days or even weeks!

Changes are easy for anyone to do, such as pricing, adding and removing items, or rearranging the look and feel of a menu in just seconds!

Drive more revenue with our real-time analytics

Real time analytics.

Save your customer's hard-earned money by having them know what sells and what doesn’t.

Easy-to-read analytics displays what they sell most online, and how their customers are paying for it. Valuable insights like this will help them customize their menu, know what to promote, and help focus their marketing efforts where they are needed most -- all while knowing how to order based on sales trends.


Understand their customers’ needs with our payment analytics.

Monitor how customers like to pay, and easily keep track of  financial records and sales patterns surrounding online business.

Data that provides the opportunity to grow.

Your customer can drive more revenue with our real time anaytics on their daily sales activity. Online orders tend to carry a 23% larger check size than in-store checks! Let our sales activity reporting help them to monetize their order volume and check size!


Detailed heat map to see the most frequented delivery spots.

Knowing where customers are located helps determine the time and cost associated with Online Ordering delivery business.

Our interactive heat map details the areas where customers order from the most and those bearing the highest gross orders!

Completely customize delivery zones

Hand draw delivery zones to meet needs.

Sure they'll deliver uptown, but that might require an additional delivery fee. Let customers know where they deliver, and if they are within range with custom drawn delivery zone maps.


Online Ordering built for your customer and their restaurant

Customizable lead times for menu items on busier days and evenings.

Your customers can let patrons know that certain times are busier than others for their kitchen. Transparency is key, so it is important to set appropriate lead times during that dinner rush or weekends when their kitchen is slammed – that way their online patrons will always know what to expect when ordering.


Painlessly block out days & times that will not have online ordering available

Do they not deliver on the weekends? Do they not open until dinner time during the week?

Your customer can customize the delivery schedule to fit their needs so that their valued patrons are always in the know!

Sync their menu with Menu Distribution

We add an 'Order Online' button right where people are searching for your customer's restaurant!

One-click online ordering will direct more traffic to their website, and give their patrons the ability to place an order right from the major search engines.


Sync their menu everywhere it is found online. 

Consistency is key, and the internet is a big place! 

With Menu Sync, your customer's current menu is updated on over 30 sites across the web to ensure their information is accurate.