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The Ordereze Story

Est. 2004

Our Mission

Ordereze is a digital marketing platform specifc to the restaurant industry. Our platform provides marketing tools to promote restaurants directly to consumers in a cost effective manner. We are known for our ability to bring ideas, execution and results together – to help you achieve your business goals. Our professional team utilizes the latest technologies to create websites that are not only visually appealing, but provide real solutions for real people. In the end, it’s all about your brand and the success of your business – and that’s what we care about most.


Bay Shore, NY

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Jim Oliva had been working in the restaurant industry for about 15 years, and one thing was clear; The internet was quickly evolving and drastically changing the way that people and businesses interacted with one another. This lead Jim to ask himself a question that would unknowingly change his life forever, “How can I use the internet to get more customers into my restaurant?”

Fast forward to December 2004; Jim had linked up with a young software developer, Jamal James, and together they founded Ordereze (formerly known as J&J Multimedia Inc) with a simple mission—to provide the best technology, resources, and support for restaurants to grow in an online world. 

"When we started out, it was just Jim and I, with two desks, two chairs, two phones, and two computers set up in the basement of Jim’s house." - Jamal James

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people working at computer desks


Bay Shore, NY

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Within a year, persistence and drive enabled Jim and Jamal to hire 6 people, therefore quickly outgrowing Jim’s basement. This lead to the first “real” office for Ordereze, a modest-sized commercial space on top of an old factory in Bay Shore, New York. From the office in Bay Shore, Ordereze continued to grow with Jim as the CEO—handling the sales/business development, and Jamal as the CTO—constantly developing new products and software to stay ahead of the curve.

One Saturday afternoon in 2010, after watching “The Social Network”, a movie about the rise of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, Jamal was so inspired that he immediately rushed home after the movie and began coding. He didn’t sleep for two days, driven by the passion to create something great for Ordereze’s customers. On Monday morning, he sent an email to Jim letting him know that they now had the ability to create mobile websites for customers.


Bohemia, NY

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As of January 2017, Ordereze is a thriving company, maintaining its focus on the restaurant industry. With 52 employees in the United States, 9 employees in Europe, over 3,000 customers, a dozen different products, and some of the highest customer retention numbers in the industry, things have never been better.

Dedication to its customers is what pushes Ordereze forward. It has been a long road, but the same commitment to excellence that was forged in the basement all those years ago, still holds true to this day -- and effects every decision that is made. The commitment that no matter how big Ordereze gets, no matter what products or services that are offered, Ordereze will never lose its passion and dedication to the customer. At Ordereze, the customer leads the way, we’re just here to help guide them on their path—and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Ordereze, and our valued friends in the restaurant industry!

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