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Online Ordering PRO

The only fully customized online ordering platform that showcases you and your brand.

No Risk, All Reward

Collect Data

Valuable data that can be used for marketing is collected every time a customer places an order online or connects to your wifi.

Send Promotions

This data triggers personalized, automated promotions to be sent to guests based on their last visit or order placed.

Build Loyalty

Customers become loyal when redeeming your promotion, placing another online order, or returning for another visit. 

The most you would EVER pay is $2,300 a year. 

In order to pay that, we would be generating you at least $50,000 in online orders!

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Customizable Branding

71% of consumers would rather order takeout from your website than a third-party source. We'll make sure that your online ordering platform matches the look and feel of your business exactly.

Screenshot of online ordering page
Animated gif of dragging and dropping in Menu Manager

Formatting & Editing Made Easy

Rearrange items and menu departments to your liking with a simple drag and drop. Change prices, settings, add-on’s and item availabilities in just a few steps.

Real Time Analytics

✔  Top Sellers

Save hard-earned money by knowing what sells and what doesn’t

✔  Payment Types

Monitor and learn how your customers like to pay

✔   Daily Sales

Monetize order volume and check size by comparing daily online orders to total profit

✔   Delivery Heat Map

See the areas where your customers order from the most

Screenshot of top selling items
Screenshot of delivery radius settings

Settings Tailored to Your Needs

No one knows your business better than you. Choose your delivery zones, lead times, minimum order price, days off, availble hours, and so much more.

Wifi & Order Pattern-Based Triggered Promotions

Offer free wifi in exchange for your guests' email addresses.

As many as 64% of consumers make a restaurant choice based on wi-fi availabilty, so make sure you've got it! Take it a step further and get better insights on customer behavior by knowing exactly when and how often guests are connecting to your wifi.

Wifi widget with wireless router

What Else to Expect with Online Ordering Pro

  Reliable Notifications

You choose whether you want to receive order notifications via text, email, or fax, and we'll make sure you receive them immediately.

   Complimentary Updates

Whether you've changed your menu completely or just need one small edit, you can rely on us to get it done at no added cost.

   Increased Revenue

Have you heard? Online orders tend to carry larger check sizes compared to dine-in checks by an average of more than 30%!

   Happy Customers

Online ordering is the preferred method of ordering takeout, and our simple interface makes for an even better ordering experience.

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