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Drive More Revenue with Online Ordering PRO

The only pay for performance online ordering service that showcases you and your brand.

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Why Choose Ordereze?


Unlike other ordering platforms, Ordereze doesn't charge a dime unless you get orders. Once you do start receiving orders, we take a small fee that's capped at a very competitive rate to fit your budget.


Work one-on-one with your dedicated marketing specialist to help spread the word and make your customers aware of your online ordering platform so that you get as many online orders as possible.


We don't think it's fair to lock our customers into contracts. We know our online ordering is no risk, all reward, but we want you to be able to try it out and determine that for yourself with no consequences.


Online Ordering PRO was built with your business in mind. Not only can you track all orders and trends, but you also have access to our full email marketing suite and promotion generator.

How do we stack up against the competition?

Step 1 Choose the average price of an online order that is placed at your restaurant.
$0 $200
Step 2 Choose the average number of online orders that you receive in one week.
0 500
Step 3 Compare companies and see how much money you could be save by using Ordereze.
Grubhub at ~20% per order is costing you annually
Eatstreet at 12% per order is costing you annually
Chownow at $149 per month, is costing you annually
Uber Eats at 30% per order is costing you annually
Door Dash at 20% per order is costing you annually
Ordereze at 5% AND capping monthly at $199 is costing you annually

More Than Just Online Ordering

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