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Meet Ordereze Team USA

Meet the hardworking people responsible for the greatness Ordereze strives to achieve


Adria Sanchez

Customer Success Lead

I am a yoga teacher, artist, and passionate food lover. I love to be creative and help others however and whenever possible. I enjoy traveling and practicing Vinyasa on the beach. In my free time I like watching boxing, or being curled up with my cats reading a good book and drinking a strong cup of coffee.


Alexis Celentano

Customer Success Lead

Being a part of the Ordereze family is something I’m very proud of. I am an enthusiastic and positive person. Meeting new people, and travelling to new places are a few of my favorite things.

Person smiling

Ashleigh Simmons

Customer Success Specialist

I love the simple pleasures in life: Sunday morning brunch, dancing to a great song, and spending time with people who make me laugh until I cry. I’m a sucker for a good sunrise/sunset and if I could spend my whole life on the beach and in the warmth, I would!


Aubrey Tanner

Customer Success Specialist

When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, experiencing new restaurants, going to the beach, going out on the boat, listening to all types of music and watching movies.


Brittany Grief

Customer Success Specialist

When I’m not at work you can find me exploring, from the beaches of Long Island to the streets of Manhattan. There’s also a guarantee you can find me curled up reading a book, or watching a documentary . Either way, I always have a smile on my face and an iced coffee or red bull in my hand.


Brittany Oliva

Training Specialist

I love to be surrounded by the people in my life that I care for the most. I like to sing in the car loudly to Florida Georgia Line, and there is nothing better than a cup of Iced Coffee.


Carly Vitolo

Marketing Specialist

I’m an artist! In my free time, I love to practice drawing and painting. Wheel throwing is one of my favorites!


Cesar Quispe

.NET Developer

I am a dedicated person and engaged Software Developer. I enjoy life with all the ups and downs it brings, I like everything about technology and watching/playing soccer on my free time.
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Christian Bangert

Front-End Developer

I’m a very active person: surfing at Robert Moses, riding my Suzuki SV650S, and working out at the gym. I also like playing Beatles songs on my guitar and expanding my coding knowledge.


Christopher Petra

Customer Success Specialist

When I have free time, I like to produce music, teach guitar, and collect vinyl. I live for rainy days when I have an excuse to hang with my pets, read, and play video games all day. At work, you can catch me drinking the STRONGEST cup of coffee.


Douglas Kozar

Marketing Advisor

I’ve spent many years of my life playing southwestern and folk-rock music. I still play music at least an hour a day, but when I’m not playing the drums or strumming the guitar you can find me in the kitchen cooking up something spicy.


Heather Rosenbaum

Customer Success Specialist

Most of the time you can find me doing art of some kind: ceramics, sculpture or more recently, digital art. I love playing video games, going to the gym or binge watching on Crunchy Roll. I have the ability to fall asleep after having a SUPER STRONG cup of coffee.


Jimmy Oliva

Research & Development Specialist

Huge NY Knicks fan, even bigger NY Mets fan. I love all sports especially baseball and basketball. I also enjoy snowboarding in the winter and riding my motorcycle in the summer.


Justine Spitaleri 

Customer Success Specialist

I enjoy living life to the fullest and trying to help others as much as I can. I love dancing and can always be found on the nearest dance floor in my free time. Did I mention I can only start my day with the STRONGEST cup of coffee?!


Kaitlyn Herrmann

Customer Success Specialist

I’m always on the hunt for new places to explore, new coffee shops to try, and new plants to buy. I like to stay busy by listening to podcasts, reading, watching movies and going to yoga class. I also really love to travel and even lived in Italy for a short while!


Kristina Robles

Customer Success Specialist

If I had to describe myself in one word it probably would be "nerd", and not in the ironic, “I collect vinyl”, hipster way. The spines of my Harry Potter books are coming undone, my favorite part of vacations are the museums, and I know more about the funeral industry than any normal person would want to know.


Leanne Wulforst

Marketing Advisor

I graduated from SUNY Cortland with a degree in marketing and advertising. my hobbies include boating, camping, and entertaining. In my free time you can find me with my family and friends, or shopping on Amazon!


Lindsey Fitzpatrick

Marketing Advisor

I am a music teacher, baker and opera singer. My two favorite foods are potatoes and whiskey. (not together!)


Nicholas Smith

Business Development Specialist

Sports, sports, sports! Love going to Islanders and Yankees games in my spare time. My dream is to watch a game at every baseball stadium. Well that and taking a trip to the land down under!


Noelle Perugini

Customer Success Specialist

I am all about good vibes and good food!! I love spending time with family and friends & enjoy traveling, photography and attending music festivals.


Paul Iversen

Supervisor of Concept Team

In my free time, I enjoy cooking and painting, that is when I’m not setting off the smoke alarm or spilling acrylic on the carpet. I can cook skirt steak three different ways. I have also painted two fun Halloweenscapes that we have hung in the office this year.


Sheralee Malenovsky


I wear many hats and have many titles in life: daughter, sister, wife, aunt, cousin, niece and friend. But my greatest and proudest is MOM.

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Stefanie Sciortino

Customer Success Specialist

In my spare time you can find me baking, cooking, or eating. I also adore cats. I have a cat son named shadow who I have had since I was 10. I also love to explore the great outdoors, and my dream is to travel across the country someday!


Stephanie Egan

Customer Onboarding Specialist

I love to read fantasy novels and drink Cabernet Sauvignon wine. I am the mother of 2 cat children Alvin and Simon. (I am in the process of acquiring Theodore!)


Steven Melnyk

Customer Onboarding Specialist

I love to make music in my spare time, I’ve been doing it for 8 years! Photography is another passion of mine, and I love to be as creative as I can!


Summer Kuhn

Customer Success Specialist

I have my degree in Psychology and I would like to one day get more into the field of UX/UI, as I would love to be able to optimize users’ experiences by recognizing what truly satisfies them, grabs their attention, and leaves them wanting more. I play the piano and I have a huge passion for music and going to shows. I have a rescue cat named Aqua and if I could, I would rescue every animal out there that needs a place to go!


Susie Henaghan

Customer Success Specialist

With a nickname like ‘Sunshine’, I’m known for being the cheery optimist who is known for incessantly quoting movies, and drinking the strongest cup of coffee known to man. I’m a mother to the coolest daughter ever...but don’t be fooled, I’m not like a regular mom…I’m a cool mom! During my free time, I’m either traveling the world with my daughter, hiking new trails, or just living my life one quarter mile at a time. In the great words of Leslie Knope, ““We need to remember what's important in life: friends, waffles, work. Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn't matter, but work is third.”


Thomas Policastro

Customer Success Specialist

I’m proud to be a part of a caring and dynamic organization in Ordereze. I suppose I try to lead my life in the same way. When I’m not in the office, I play a lot of music with friends, most often with ukulele in hand. I spend what time I can honing a jump shot on the basketball court and am typically always entrenched in a writing project of some kind.


Vincent Pimpinella

Marketing Advisor

Born from comet dust and space magic, Vincent Nicola Pimpinella exhibited signs of unadulterated swagger at an early age. Concerned, Vincent's Earth-parents took him to three doctors, two specialists and one Amazonian shaman in hopes of finding the reason for their child's seemingly immaculate freshness. However, this new-born prodigy defied reason and no answers could be found. Vincent, now a cultural and artistic phenomenon, uses his powers for good (whenever he can). Helping his customers and colleagues find the swagger within themselves.


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