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Third-Party Delivery Integration

Delivery Integration

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Delivery Without Your Own Drivers Made Possible

Ordereze has teamed up with the nation's leading and most reliable food delivery service, DoorDash, allowing you to offer delivery fulfilled by DoorDash drivers directly through your Online Ordering Pro platform.

Keeping Restaurants in Control, Not Third-Parties

By directing patrons to your own website for ordering, you're able to rightfully retain your customers, which gives you the ability to market directly back to them with:

  • Autogenerated trigger-based promotion codes
  • Automated emails to stimulate Menu Interactions

Additionally, you're in full control of your menu, which only needs to be updated in one simple place when you have changes.


Cut Costs, Drive Revenue

No more 10% - 30% per-order fees.

By using DoorDash Drive through Online Ordering Pro, your restaurant avoids high percentage fees associated with most third-party delivery apps. Plus, there’s no need to hire an employee to make deliveries or spend additional money on insurance for drivers. If your restaurant operates as pickup only for takeout, this is your chance to appeal to a wider audience without making many changes at all.


   Driver Tracking

Restaurant patrons are able to keep track of their delivery status just like they would with the DoorDash app. Restaurants are also able to keep track of drivers through the Ordereze app.

   Competitive Pricing

Say goodbye to unfair percentages. You can receive this service with a fixed $8 charge* per delivery. As an added benefit, this charge can be fully absorbed by the restaurant or split between restaurant and customer.

   Funds Batched Same Day

Unlike most third-party delivery apps, the restaurant receives its funds within 48 hours—no more waiting on funds from the week prior.


Good news—if you're located in an area that can use Doordash, this service is available to you.