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An easier way of connecting with your customers

Get More Customers with Less Work

Our Wi-Fi marketing solution is the easy and effective marketing tool your business needs.

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How it Works

Step one

Step one

Connect Your Router

Power up your CONNECT router, and then connect it to your existing router or modem.

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Step two

Step two

Offer Free Wifi

Give your customers free internet access in exchange for their social media sign-in or contact infomation.

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Step three

Step three

Collect Your Data

Grow your rewards program, email lists, or social media channels automatically as guests use your free wifi.

Build Customer Loyalty Effortlessly

Track Guest Visits

See how many times each of your guests have connected to your wifi

Collect Business Insights

Track your busiest days of the week by seeing how many connections are made each day.

Set Up Trigger Email Campaigns

Keep guests coming back for more by setting up emails to be sent automatically based on frequency or infrequency of wifi connections.

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