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Meet The Team

A little background first...

We are a digital agency created for restaurant owners by restaurant owners. Everyone at Ordereze has worked within the food industry at some point and understands the stress and time frame the restaurateur works within. Our platform provides marketing tools to promote restaurants directly to consumers in a cost effective manner. We are known for our ability to bring ideas, execution and results together – to help restaurants achieve their business goals.


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Corynne De Matteo

Director, Strategic Partnerships & Business Development

Ordereze Employee of the Year 2018

Over the past 6+ years, I have risen quickly through the interdepartmental ranks at Ordereze as well as become the reigning Fantasy Football champion. I have also had my hands in EVERY aspect of what we do. While representing the company through Business Development ventures across the United States and Canada, I have found that my role exhibits a perfect union amongst my product & industry knowledge, dynamic communication skills, and naturally outgoing personality.

I truly have a passion not only for consulting various owners and professionals within the industry about the importance of online presence and how to make it better - but also for generating synergistic relationships that positively impact independent restaurants greatly. I continue to be inspired every day by the limitless potential Sysco and Ordereze exhibit while coming together for the common goal of making the independent restaurant as successful and streamlined as possible. I feel fortunate to have a career that allows me to learn so much from all sectors of the industry and to work alongside people who motivate me to always try to be and do better than yesterday.

Outside of work, I fulfill my most important and rewarding role as a mother to my 5 year old daughter Mya. I enjoy being constantly active - whether it be playing sports, going to the gym or (more commonly) chasing Mya around. My favorite thing in the world is to laugh and I do it a lot...mostly at myself. I love music, spending time with my loved ones, muscle cars and unfortunately…the NY Mets.

Lindsey Fitzpatrick

Business Development Specialist

I am a music teacher, baker and opera singer. My two favorite foods are potatoes and whiskey. (not together!)


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Dale Cornetta

Business Development Specialist

Info coming soon!