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Test Drive the Industry's Leading Online Ordering Platform That Costs You Nothing

Don't just take our word for it—take five minutes to see how seamless it is to place an order as a restaurant customer and receive orders as a restaurant manager in our free Online Ordering PRO demo experience.

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Cost-Free Online Ordering PRO

The only fully customized online ordering platform that showcases you and your brand.

Earn Revenue Without Turning Tables

All you need is a kitchen to manage and fulfill incoming orders. No hostesses, servers, or bussers necessary.

Operationally Efficient

Online Ordering PRO is seamless enough to integrate right into your day-to-day operations without hassle.

Cost-Free for the Restaurant

There are absolutely no setup fees, monthly charges, or per-order costs associated with Online Ordering Pro.

Built To Match Your Brand

Simple & Easy User-Interface

71% of consumers find it easier to order takeout from your website than a third-party source. We make sure that your online ordering platform matches the look and feel of your business exactly for optimal user experience.

✔  Designed uniquely to match your branding

✔  Curbside pickup and contactless delivery options

✔  Fully optimized for mobile ordering

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Integrate Directly Into Your Square and Clover POS

Streamline operations even further by integrating Online Ordering Pro directly with your POS system, sending orders into the kitchen automatically.


Upsell-Encouraging Menu Features

We transform ordinary menus into interactive experiences that promote your menu items with visual and social aids.

✔  Menu item photos & reviews

✔  Ability to share menu items through a direct link or social media

✔  Automated Menu Item Review Solicitation emails after every order

✔  Email Marketing & Promo Code Generator Included

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SIMPLICITY For The Restaurateur

Operationally Efficient

Online Ordering PRO was designed with your everyday operations in mind. Powered by automation, it works seamlessly in the background so that you can focus on everything else.

✔  Order Throttling and Inventory Management

Putting restaurants effortlessly in control of incoming orders and inventory — keeping operations seamless

✔  Central Order Management App 

Manage orders with an iPad app — compatible with a thermal printer compatibility

✔  Delivery Integration

Critical for restaurants that do not have their own drivers

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Delivery Integration

Delivery Without Your Own Drivers Made Possible

By using DoorDash Drive through Online Ordering Pro, your restaurant avoids high percentage fees associated with most third-party delivery apps. Plus, there’s no need to hire an employee to make deliveries or spend additional money on insurance for drivers. If your restaurant operates as pickup only for takeout, this is your chance to appeal to a wider audience without making many changes at all.

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Powered By

   Driver Tracking

Restaurant patrons are able to keep track of their delivery status just like they would with the DoorDash app. Restaurants are also able to keep track of drivers through the Ordereze app.

   Competitive Pricing

Say goodbye to unfair percentages. You can receive this service with a fixed $8 charge* per delivery. As an added benefit, this charge can be fully absorbed by the restaurant or split between restaurant and customer.

   Funds Batched Same Day

Unlike most third-party delivery apps, the restaurant receives its funds within 48 hours—no more waiting on funds from the week prior.


Good news—if you're located in an area that can use Doordash, this service is available to you.

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