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We've Been In Your Shoes, We're Ready To Help.

Ordereze Customers are proving Online Ordering can replace seat restrictions due to Covid-19 profitably & drive return customers with automated marketing triggers. Let us show you how we can help you!

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Upcoming Webinar

How Ordereze is helping restaurants navigate through the Covid-19 crisis.

Join Ordereze Co-founder and CEO Jim Oliva for a discussion on how restaurants around the country are coping with ever changing Covid-19 restrictions and to navigate the fall season with the help of new free revenue generating technologies.

Topics Discussed

  • Driving online ordering revenue with high profit
  • Maximizing limited seating capacity as the weather changes
  • Capitalizing on your loyal customer base and Increasing repeat business












Why Ordereze?

Your customers are trying to weather the storm that is COVID-19. There are tons of companies out there feeding off their fear, over-selling/promising and not delivering. Ordereze was created by restaurateurs for restaurateurs – we’ve been in their shoes, we still ARE in their shoes.

We don’t want to see another restaurant close their doors. Our platform has the ability to not just help restaurants survive during these times, but to thrive and we want to give it free because there is limited cash flow for your customers right now.


What is so important?

Things may get worse before they get better. It’s unknown if there will be another spike but it is known that colder weather is on the way which will limit outdoor dining. Let’s make sure your customers are using the most cost-effective and efficient online ordering available.

With Online Ordering Pro, your customers can replace profits lost due to indoor dining limitations and other circumstances caused by COVID-19 and can drive repeat business using our automated marketing. Join us for a webinar where our co-founder/CEO/Restaurateur Jim Oliva will go over our platform, new features and how our customers collectively made $6 million in revenue last month.