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Drive More Revenue with Online Ordering PRO

Try our pay-for-performance online ordering plus free wifi tracking to collect customer data, build loyalty, send promotions, and increase your sales effortlessly.


No Risk, All Reward

It's no secret that customer retention increases sales. What's less obvious though is how to retain your customers' loyalty. Well, we've figured out how to build customer loyalty for you and it all starts with data. You've got nothing to lose by trying pay-for-performance Online Ordering PRO combined with 90 days of free Wifi Connect to collect customer data to create a more personalized—and successful—marketing experience for your guests. 

Collect Data

Valuable data that can be used for marketing is collected every time a customer places an order online or connects to your wifi.

Send Promotions

This data triggers personalized, automated promotions to be sent to guests based on their last visit or order placed.

Build Loyalty

Customers become loyal when redeeming your promotion placing another online order or returning for another visit. 

1. Enable Online Ordering PRO

Fulfill orders, collect data, and learn customer habits.

Did you know that 63% of people prefer to order directly from your website? Give your customers an easy way to place orders, and start collecting important data with every order so that you can send personalized promo codes to each guest at a later date. The best part? Pay nothing if you don't receive any orders. That's right, no monthly fee!


2. Set Up Wifi Connect

Offer free wifi in exchange for your guests' email addresses.

As many as 64% of consumers make a restaurant choice based on wi-fi availabilty, so make sure you've got it! Take it a step further get better insights on customer behavior by knowing exactly when and how often guests are connecting to your wifi. 

Use our router FREE for 90 days to grow your mailing list and collect data.

3. Use Data to Send Promotions

Build customer loyalty by sending the right promotions at the right time.

The easiest people to market to are the ones who already love you, and now by collecting data, you know just who does! Use our new Promotion Generator to boost loyalty by sending personalized promotion codes to your customers based on their previous orders and how often they’ve connected to your wifi.


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