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Enabling Online Ordering PRO Delivery

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Enabling Doordash

1) Login to your website and go to your dashboard.

2) Click the DoorDash button in the bottom right corner of the blue navigation bar.

- This will cause a modal to appear where you will begin the process of enabling doordash.


3) Fill out the information & press Complete Upgrade.

- Once you press Complete Upgrade and then you're finished and ready to receive orders the same way you have been doing!

  • Pickup Instructions: instructions for how the dasher will go about picking up the order from your business.
    Ex) Please go through the back entrance
  • Pickup Phone Number: the phone number the dasher will be able to reach you. This should be autofilled from your settings.
  • Delivery Paid By: this determines how the $8 fee will be covered. There are three options:
    1. By the customer:  they will pay the full $8
    2. By the store: you will pay the full $8
    3. Both: you will determine how much money the customer will pay, and the store will cover the remainder.
  • Delivery Hours: these settings should be defaulted to the same as your online ordering hours. Adjust the hours here if necessary.
  • The Agreement: last but not least, check off that you accept the Terms and Conditions.